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Build your next generation of leaders.

Every year, tens-of-millions of young professionals in North America assume a leadership role for the very first time, and with that, the obligation to communicate with customers, present at meetings, pitch clients, demo a new product feature (etc.). In other words, the obligation to public speak. Yet, research shows that around 70% of them will experience ongoing feelings of anxiety triggered by public speaking. If not managed early on, these feelings can lead them to avoid leadership opportunities, experience burnout, miss work or even quit¹. 


Feelings of anxiety can also negatively impact how young professionals communicate with peers, management, customers, and clients. This puts them at risk of being branded as nervous, unprepared, untrustworthy or uncredible²From an organization’s perspective, this translates into a loss of employee productivity and effectiveness, which is estimated to cost companies $11,076 per person on an annual basis². 


That’s where Speak for Success can help. We help companies develop their next generation of leaders by working with their young professionals to build their confidence, manage their feelings of anxiety, and improve their technical communications skills so they can be more effective, confident and productive in their role. 

We do this through our proprietary training program, developed in collaboration with expert speaking coaches and Registered Psychologist and VP of Anxiety Canada, Dr. Melanie Badali, to provide our members with a highly effective, engaging and impactful training experience. 

Benefits of communication skills training...

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Mental health. Reduced feelings of nervousness and anxiety triggered by public speaking.

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Job effectiveness. Improved job effectiveness, productivity and confidence as a result of sharper communication skills.

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Leadership growth. Stronger leadership presence and projection of credibility and trust.


The Influencing for Impact: Communication Series© will take your team from being nervous and uncertain to
confident and persuasive.

Whether your team needs to prepare for an upcoming presentation, deliver a persuasive message to a team or navigate a difficult conversation this workshop series will help get them where they want to go.

Ready? Let's do this.


*Don't have a big team? No problem! If there are only a couple of people on your team who require individual employee training, they can register for one of our upcoming 4-Part Public Speaking cohorts here. If you'd like to offer your staff with a 15% discount, contact us about partnership inquiries. 


Our approach

Public speaking can be intimidating, especially in front of peers and colleagues. That's why we set a tone of safety, casualness, fun and support at the beginning of every session we deliver. Our goal is for the team to get out of their comfort zone, embrace mistakes, and be ready to have a lot of fun and do a lot of laughing along the way.

Throughout our program, we emphasize the importance of practice and encourage teams to re-frame the way they think about public speaking by adopting a growth-mindset; understanding that it is a skill that can be developed and strengthened over time through ongoing training. Peer feedback is a key element of this workshop which builds a sense of trust, support, and camaraderie among the team. 


By the end of this training, teams are eager to start applying what they've learned at meetings, on calls, and during presentations. They also become more open to performance feedback.  

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Here's who some of our clients work for... 

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We're more than happy to customize a workshop based on your team's needs and schedule. We also offer single-session workshops (e.g. Presentation, Impromptu Speaking etc.) upon request.


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