Online Learning Portal©.

Our Online Learning Portal© is where you can find the articles, video tutorials, techniques and exercises that will help you get the most out of our time together. With 10 modules that have 3-4 lessons each, it's a great way review strategies, tips and techniques prior to your practice sessions. 


Here's what's covered: 

  • Goal Setting

  • Understanding Nerves & Anxiety 

  • Strategies for Managing Nerves & Anxiety 

  • Setting Yourself up for Success

  • Basic Presentations Principles

  • Establishing Credibility through your Vocabulary

  • Using your Voice to Influence & Persuade

  • Using Body Language to Project Confidence

  • Answering Impromptu Questions

  • Managing the Question & Answer Period


Featured Coaches

Throughout the Online Learning Portal© you will have the opportunity to hear from our featured coaches who are experts in their field.


Dorothea Hendriks

Lead Facilitator & Public Speaker

Dr. Melanie Badali

Registered Psychologist & VP of Anxiety Canada

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