Member Meetups!

Join us at our next Member Meetup!

Get nervous during important meetings, presentations and calls?

Luckily, there is a simple solution: practice.


These virtual Member Meetups will give you the opportunity to practice your public speaking skills, answer pop questions, structure your thinking and meet other S4S Members all in a fun, safe and supportive environment.


Facilitated by Lead Facilitator, Dorothea Hendriks, these practice sessions are a great way to put your learned skills into action and to give and receive ongoing feedback from your peers.


No preparation required for this - just bring lots of energy, a great attitude and a willingness to make a lot of mistakes! It's going to be a lot of fun.



  • Introductions

  • Role assignments

  • Brief review of public speaking strategies (based on theme)

  • Speaking exercises/practice

  • Peer evaluations and feedback


What You'll Need

  • Zoom 

  • Access to a computer with enabled video/audio

  • Internet connection 

  • Please note: we will email you the Zoom link once you have registered.


Did you know?

Most employers will cover costs associated with professional development skills training. Ask your manager if you're eligible to expense this Speak for Success training fee!



Get in touch with us at hello@speakforsuccess.ca

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Pay what you can! We are offering this on a "pay what you can" basis to accommodate everyone's financial circumstance during this unprecedented time because we believe public speaking training should never stop. 

Speak for Success is a leader in communication skills training.


Our mission is to help you become the confident, assertive leader you were meant to be.  

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