Frequently Asked Questions

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I am an advanced speaker who is working towards delivering a TEDx speech. Is this program right for me? This program is geared towards working professionals who want to improve their confidence and communication skills at their place of work. This program is not recommended for advanced speakers who are looking to deliver a TEDx speech.

How frequently do you do intakes? We do intakes on a monthly basis to ensure that new members are onboarded at the same time and have the opportunity to meet each other prior to their first live practice session. 

Are only women allowed to register? We pride ourselves on being champions of diversity and inclusivity. Although our content is tailored to women in the workplace, we invite anyone regardless of gender, age, employment status, title (etc.) to register. All of our training sessions offer a fun, safe and supportive environment to practice so if you'd like to join us, we'd love to have you!  

What is the recommended length of time to complete the program? Although the program is self-paced, we recommend completing the program in 6 to 9 weeks (max.) to keep those skills sharp and the momentum high. 

How many people participate in a single practice session? Unlike other programs that allow up to 35 people, the maximum number of people allowed in each of our training sessions is 10. This is to ensure each member has multiple opportunities to practice their speaking and receive feedback from their peers and the Lead Facilitator. 

How long is each practice session? Each practice session is 1.5 hours. After running over 100 sessions at various lengths, we have found that 90 minutes is the perfect length of time to keep things fresh, energetic and engaging. 

Where are you located? We are based in Vancouver, Canada but have hosted members from across the continent from Toronto to Seattle to New York. 

Will practicing public speaking virtually really help? Yes. Our members have reported that practicing virtually is not only more convenient, but it also emphasizes body language and facial expressions since the camera is 'zoomed-in' on them as they speak. Since we record all of our sessions, it's also easy to go back and review speeches to assess delivery, structure, credibility and how the rest of the audience reacted to the message. In other words, it's a very effective way to practice public speaking and is becoming more mainstream as companies transition to remote work.   

How can I add on additional practice sessions if I'd like continue after I've used up my six? We offer an alumni rate of 25%-off so if you'd like to continue training with us by adding more practice sessions to your account get in touch and let us know how many you would like to add on. 

Why did you develop your curriculum with the help of a psychologist? The fear of public speaking (aka. glossophobia) is a form of social anxiety that can be treated through a series of science-based interventions. Since our primary goal is to increase boardroom confidence and reduce feelings of nervousness and anxiety, we wanted to ensure that our approach was grounded in science and backed by experts so that it actually works. That said, this program is not a substitute for medical help. 


What application do you use for the live training sessions? Zoom.

Do practice sessions ever expire? Yes, the practice sessions expire after 3-months so you are incentivized to keep the momentum high and continue to skill-build. We also set this policy so we can continue to anticipate the number of sessions required to ensure our class sizes remain small and we are not back-logged with a waitlist. Please see our Terms of Service for more information.

Do you offer any in-person training sessions? At this moment due to COVID-19 we are only offering in-person training sessions to select corporate clients. 

What if I don't think Speak for Success is right for me after I have registered? We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee*, meaning if you are not satisfied with your experience we will issue you a full refund to those who have only attended a single live practice session and completed less than 15% of the Online Learning Portal©. Please see our Terms of Service for more information.